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Wolvesey Castle, WInchester
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Winchester is a beautiful, historic city, southwest of London and used to be England's capital city over one thousand years ago. On this tour, you can visit many of the famous sights of Winchester from the comfort of your desk. Just click on one of these destinations to start your tour.

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Now, where to start?

Many visitors to Winchester are eager to see King Arthur's Round Table in the Great Hall. This is the only remains of what used to be Winchester Castle.

Wolvesey Castle, here is the site of the ruins of the medieval Bishop's Palace.

Winchester Cathedral is famous for its 900 year old architecture, and also for the tomb of Jane Austen and the Winchester Bible.

Jane Austen's House (where she lived from 1809 to 1817)is close to Winchester College, which is reputedly the oldest school in England.

How about a visit to the City Museum or the Military Museum (which is actually five museums in one)? Maybe you would prefer a walk in Winchester watermeadows, which were the inspiration for the poet Keat's ode "To Autumn".

Winchester is proud of its variety of top quality independent shops - so why not take a visit to Jewry Street, Brooke Street Shopping Centre or the street market? Here you will find pedestrian-friendly streets in a compact area of the city.

Some visitors to the city come to attend Winchester Crown Court - which is a 'first tier' combined court centre, and has been the venue for many high profile legal cases.

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Wherever you choose, you will find a huge choice of family attractions and a glimpse into England's ancient past, with plenty of places for travellers to stay during their visit.

Choose a location in the City of Winchester to start your virtual tour....

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